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School in full swing, headed for the holidays. College sports deep into the fall and winter season sports. Athletes are growing into Olympic dreams, some other are seeing a path, yet others shield the spark and nurture their inner flame as they grow toward podium dreams and hopes. Older athletes, now out of school and in the workforce train and compete within themselves to endure. 

Retirement from the 9-5 seems to be a natural for us. Stevie and I work out three times a week together to build and maintain strength and stay in a healthy, happy exercise group. Happy is important as we move into our later 60's. Happy seems to have a connection to healthy in our lives and we cherish every giggle, grin, and guffaw the universe brings our way. For those who might envy our lack of regular jobs (Zippy is an act of love, not a job) we encourage being happy where you are now. You have time to plan and grow, to change for better or worse, to be happy day by day. If you get along with your mate, happy seems to be a large part of "As you wish"...


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Stevie's ankle has been in near total pain mode for a few days. She advises that there will be some sort of weather change in a couple of days, as that is the lead time for her biological pre-weather alert system. Stevie had a tumor removed from her left ankle thirty years ago, or so. Since that time there has been restricted movement in the ankle and, what she regards as bone on bone contact. In addition, when she sits still and does not keep the ankle moving, the joint stiffens up immediately and must be 'primed' with micromovements before she can place weight on that foot. Her situation isn't like to change as the medical field has a limited number of options, and the 'best' options, so to speak, require with fusion, replacement, or temporary lube. With such limited choices, doing nothing more than otc pain meds has been the routine. 

Until Zippy, that is. Since Zippy was invented Stevie has been using our golf ball massage device every day to relieve pain and improve circulation in her foot and ankle. I am very glad to say that my Princess Bride is very appreciative for Zippy and she tells me this quite often. I am a happy man.


We have had a good experience with producing Zippy with custom logos for corporate customers who are using Zippy for promotional purposes. Our client is happy with the devices and their customers are giving great feedback to the client. The coins can have two sides. We have also had a less successful experience and have been unable to fill an order for a client, which brings this musing. We tried to provide custom imprint services in quantities too small to run through our production floor. I tried to find a solution where we could supply a few dozen devices but have failed. Our new policy will require a minimum of 100 pieces with 2-color logo imprint, six weeks lead. This an economical way to promote your team, business, a healthy lifestyle and self care, or any number of other purposes. Zippy is world class and will be fully functional for years under rigorous use.

We added gift cards to our product list.

Buy a gift card now!

Experience all three Zippy models with our special offer. 

$44.64 value.

Zippy Trio Set - 1 Basic / 1 Rocker Handle / 1 T-Handle  $24.44  

Best wishes for all! Thank you for your interest in Zippy products.

Buy One Get One Basic Free offer good from 11/06/2017 to November 30, 2017. Offer cannot be combined with any other discounts or specials and is limited to adding one Zippy Basic model to every Zippy Basic ($10.88 value), Zippy Rocker Handle ($16.88 vaue), or Zippy T-Handle ($16.88) purchased at full retail value. We will automatically include the free Basic when shipping to the customer.

Zippy Tip #1 - Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

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If you would like to be a vendor or international wholesale buyer please contact us from the contact page or send me a direct email to:

Harvest Moon Edition

The Jr PanAmDiving championships are over and Lily placed fourth in two events and fifth in the third event. We are very proud of the way the USA divers competed, especially Lily and Elena, in the 12-13 year class. Wonderful diving with poise and grit. Great work.

We have added Gift Cards to our product line. Send your favorite athlete a Gift Card so they can Roll With Us!

There was a surprise order from the mother of a Div 1 Volleyball player for multiple Zippy devices. Turns out I had seen the parents of the student (along with the squad) in an airport and i gave them a sample at that time. I mentioned that a sister school Volleyball team purchased Zippys in early 2017 and they should give them a try. Turns out that they did give them a try, and an order. Thank you.

We are searching for an economical way to add a customer logo to a completed Zippy. Currently it appears that short orders will effectively cost between $5-7 per unit to add an imprint to an assembled unit. We are looking at a variety of means to add your custom logo to the Zippy ball, including transfers, pad printing, and dry transfers. We love seeing your logo on the Zippy. #ilovemyzippy

Fall soccer season has begun for the MIMO FC league. We are looking forward to great games and lots of fun. This could be year 15 or 16 for our coed pickup league. Thanks for the good times MIMO mates.

Best wishes to all of you for the remainder of 2017 and hopes for a great year in 2018.

Stevie and Jim
Zing Partners LLC

Time Travels

Tomorrow we will arrive in Victoria BC for the 2017 Junior Pan American Diving competition that goes full swing Friday through Sunday. We are looking forward to representing for the family and the USA at the event.

On the train we met wonderful folk in the dining car including the Witley's from England touring the US by train, and Karen and Jim who were long time train enthusiasts who had been on almost every Amtrak line. It was great.

Best wishes to all the athletes currently training or competing in their chosen sport. Have a great year, we are!

Jim and Stevie

Adventure, sport, leisure, happy living

August 2017 is in the books and September looks to be a mammoth month for Mr and Mrs Zippy. We delivered our first eight dozen devices with the customers logo imprinted where we usually put our website URL. It is an exciting time. We are expecting the remainder of our new stock in a few days. The production department did an excellent job so we could get the devices out on our customers schedule. Thank you!

Adventure - We will be taking our first train ride in Septermber and it's going to be fun. After a shuttle ride from the Phoenix airport to Flagstaff Amtrak station, we will be traveling to LA and then to Tacoma via the Coast Starlight. A couple of days in Tacoma with cousins and then we will be headed to Victoria BC to watch an international diving competition. The USA Junior National Dive team will be competing with divers from the Americas in the 2017 Pan Am Jr Championships, Victoria, Canada. We are looking forward to learning new things and seeing old things in a new way whilst enjoying the hospitality of Amtrak, our cousins, and canadian airbnb host.

Sport - Our cousin Lily Witte is on the previously mentioned USA Junior National team and will be the focus of our attention during the competitions. She stands tall, heeds the mechanics, listens to her coaches, and has the full support of her family as she trains and competes. She has inherited, and shares with her sisters, the trait for "Intrepid" from her mother. We are certainly looking forward to spending time with the extended family.

Leisure - Missus Zippy and I are officially retired from regular jobs now. We continue to manufacture our Zippy and look forward to reaching a wider audience and increased sales. We had the privilege of spending an extended time with children and grandchildren in Ohio and North Carolina in the spring and are grateful for our health, love, social security money, and the time to enjoy it.

Happy living - The Zippy device has been a refinement in my life for happy living. We were not unhappy before the universe floated the solution for putting a handle on a golf ball. Not at all. I was over 60, playing soccer once a week with co-ed players of various skills, growing into my role as a goalie, and, 175 lbs slowly losing weight and getting stronger. I was happy but my feet hurt. They hurt in shoes when I played. They hurt in shoes or flip flops the rest of the time. I was happy, but my feet hurt. Having Britton use a golf ball on my feet was revolutionary. It hurt and tickled and relieved my pain. After the rolling ball therapy with a golf ball I was even happier. My feet didn't hurt.

It was a good thing, hearing Britton mutter to himself, after dropping the ball six or eight times, wishing he had a way to hold on to the golf ball. Once again I say thanks to the universe for handing me the plan and energizing me to solve the puzzle. After using Zippy daily as needed for five years, my feet still don't hurt. On top of that I have a massage tool that travels in my carry on, in my gym bag, in the car, and can hang out in the freezer for cryoZippy treatment. Missus Zippy uses her Zippy daily to help relieve her ankle pain. It's said that a happy wife is a happy life and, with a Zippy in her hand I know this to be true. Our plan is to continue with our happy lives and share Zippy where we can.  #ilovemyzippy

Love to all, ya'll!


The summer 0f 2017

We have had an eventful summer so far and hope all is well with our readers.

We spent a few weeks on the road and are glad to report the arrival of our newest grandchild.  We had a great time with our kids and grandkids in Ohio and North Carolina and a wonderful visit with one of cousins in the Philly area. We attended the high school graduation of one of the grandsons and were pleased to see his committment to his school, to marching band, and to continuing his education. Congratulations Parker.

We spent a few weeks in NC, enjoying the rain and muggy conditions in June and early July as Phoenix was hit by the desert heat. We are happy to report that everything is good from that experience and we may have to consider doing it again. Maybe not as long. And, maybe we will need additonal time in Ohio next time, too. Fun to think about.

Anytime Fitness, Southern Pines, NC

One of our favorite repeated experiences in Southern Pines, NC was the Silver Fit class at Anytime Fitness. The instructors killed it. Their workouts were consistently challenging and fun. We highly recommend checking it out if you are one of oldies in that area.

Phoenix fitness spots

Our home fitness group is ActiveRX in Scottsdale. We get 45 mins three times a week with a combination of stretches and mat work combined with free weights and machines. Our secondary fitness group is the Silver Fit class at Anytime Fitness on Tuesdays. Working out together with Stevie is great. Our time together in the gym is fun and we challenge ourselves.

For me, I need to keep fit enough to continue to enjoy the challenge of the weekly soccer game. Stevie is a driving factor with my health interest and the best partner ever. Sports and fitness and Zippy go together so well. I am glad I invented it. If only so I can have a lifetime supply. Lol!

Continuing Story - Divers and swimmers edition

This spring our cousin, Lily Witte, was chosen for the USA National Diving Team. Then, Lily broke a toe the same day one of her diving mates broke her foot. Lily continued to train and prepare and be ready. She was ready for the 2017 USA Nationals Diving competition became the 2017 USA Girls 12-13 one meter Champion. Hearty congratulations go out for the one meter win. Lily will also be competing on the three meter and platform this week. Go Lily!


Zippy and Jimmy Zing had a birthday in August. The first Zippy devices shipped in August 2012 and we are finishing the fifth year of distribution. It would be great to say that we have reached a market saturation point at some level, but we are still about 40-50 million sales short of that goal. Happy birthday, Zippy! Hope your sixth year is a blockbuster.

Thanks to all our friends and family for their support and for continuing to use your Zippy!!

Jimmy Zing and Stevie Zing

Zing Partners, LLC





Champions. Intrepid Athletes. Going Forward.

Today we recognize two Champions who are moving forward in their lives with a trail of good humor, faithful practice, clear minds, and the heart to step into the light and compete at the highest level. We congratulate Lily Witte first. Lily is one of three intrepid sisters who love swimming and diving. Her oldest sister, Kaylee Witte, now a student at Michigan , graded the road, so to speak, swimming for three years and diving for four years for the Dexter Michigan High School team. Younger sister Lauren Witt is growing her skills too, following her sister's paths in sports. 

In 2016 Lily took top step on the podium in the Region 5 Championships and the Zone C meet on 1m, 3m, and 3m platform. In the 2016 Diving ATT National Diving Championships Lilly was National Champion in 3m. 

So far in 2017, Lily has taken the top marks for her dives in the Region 5 Championships and is headed to the Zone meet.

On top of that, Lily has been chosen to represent USA on the 2017 Junior National Squad. I am sure that the Olympics are on her mind as she looks forward to a world of hard work and opportunity. 

We salute Lily for her skills and effor, and her family for their support to make it all possible.

Next, we salute Logan Melander, intrepid gymnist from WA, cousin to the Intrepid Witte girls, National Champion in the All-Around 2013, who has graduated from Ohio State.

Logan trained and performed to the highest levels on a team that earned back to back Big 10 Team Championships, 2016-2017, were NCAA team bronze medalists in 2016, and took silver in 2017. The Buckeye team has distinquished itself and we appreciate that the program is meeting it's goal of turning out excellent gymnists and better human beings. Logan is certainly one of the better human beings, and we congratulate him on finishing the Ohio State path. Go Bucks!

2017 has been a great year so far and there is more to come. We have provided Zippys to a twelve person Ragnar team running in June.  We are looking forward to getting photos and stories from that 24 hour race.

We are grateful to the Div I Strength and Conditioning coach who provided us a photo of Zippys and other balls and rollers on his craft table inthe gym as well as his description of how Zippy fits in his program for wellness and recovery.

We move forward to new adventures in our lives. Today, we salute Lily and Logan, two athletes, champions in their own right, who recently learned of their family connection, who share the spirit of good sportsmanship, training and study ethic, close family ties, sense of humor, and competitive natures. Regards.

For disclosure purposes, i should say something about how I know these cousins. I too am a cousin. The mother of the Intrepid Witte sisters is my First cousin, and she is intrepid too. Logan's mom is a fifteenth cousin (thereabouts). We are proud of our cousins and all the athletes in the world who train and compete at every level.


Stevie and Jim

Cousin Lily is going strong.

Lily Witte, working hard for it. Go Lily Go.  2017 USA Diving Region 5 Championships

Meet: 2017 USA Diving Junior Region 5 Championships

Date: Apr 28, 2017 to Apr 30, 2017
12-13 Girls Platform J.O

Diver: Witte, Lily C - Legacy Diving (LDA)Place: 1  239.70

Meet: 2017 USA Diving Junior Region 5 Championships

Date: Apr 28, 2017 to Apr 30, 2017

12-13 Girls 1m J.O

Diver: Witte, Lily C - Legacy Diving (LDA)

Place: 1  297.45

College News

We received the following from one of our collegiate friends.

I am a Division I strength and conditioning coach. We have been using the Zippy RBT for several months and have found it exceptionally beneficial. The device is small enough to easily be carried in a backpack and can allow for very precise spot work of muscle and fascia. We actually had a sport purchase one for each team member so they can have them available at all times. Some of the team members use them prior to practice to get ready while others use them after practice to relieve sore and tired muscles. I have even heard some team members mention having used them between classes or while at home before going to sleep. I believe the Zippy RBT could be a positive addition to anyone’s soft tissue “toolbox”.
— Div I Coach

Our "Using Zippy" page is still broken, but we hope to have it working by early next week.

Thank you for rolling with Zippy.

Zippy Loves Athletes. Athletes, Trainers, Healers Love Zippy

Amateur, high school, collegiate, professional. Swimming, diving, cross country, ultramarathon,  soccer, baseball, gymnastics, skiing, and snowboarding competitors alike, like their Zippy. 

Zippy devices are seen in the deck bag of the U11 USA Champion Diver on our gallery page. This diver's intrepid sisters are champions in their own right, one with her own gallery photos. Zippy is proud to add them to our personal list of Zippy Important Persons.

We have a new device in development and we are researching new production methods for small batches of what we call The Soother. The Soother is a Patented multitool created to provide an almost infinite toolset of "thumbs and fingers" intended for releasing pressure points in nearly any muscle set. The device was developed for a therapist who thought a tool of this sort was necessary for his personal use, for the deep and complex, and persistent pain. We've worn out two silicone molds with hand production of thirty or so devices. The Soother is wonderful for quieting and removing pressure point pain and it's also one of the best devices i have used for 'scraping'.  The arched surfaces can be angled to span/reach quads and delts and calf, or wrist/hand/foot/ankle with equal ease. Each of the four fingers permit one to find previously unknown level of comforting "hot spots" and offering pain release for nearly every muscle group. The Soother is Zing Partners first design patent. Our second, for a new handle model that can be adapted for single, double, or triple Basic combinations.

We are in discussion with a university strength coach regarding a need he has in the gym for hip flexor tools. The university bought a dozen devices for his program. We are happy to be working with coaches, trainers, and therapists across the United States to make our products better and bring new applications to the world.

Life is good at Casa Zippy. We salute every athlete at every level who give it their best, at every level. Thank you. Zippy loves athletes. We salute every massage therapist for the work they perform to make this a better world, one massage at a time. We are very happy that Zippy can provide a wonderful level of release for a variety of muscle groups in the upper body, hands, and arms for the personal level release needed after a long day at the massage table. We don't know how many therapists use Zippy for their clients, but we would like to know. Please drop us a line if you are a massage therapist and let us know if you have been able to incorporate Zippy in your practice.

Send us photos for our Gallery and Where in the World pages as well as thoughts and suggestions to make the world a better place through Zippy.

Thanks. Zing Partners LLC>

Vacations are good


The Zing Partners LLC team, Stevie and I, just returned from a trip to Ka'anapali beach area on Maui and we have an interesting story.

While we were in Maui an order came in from a state university athletic department strength training coach. We had enough devices with us to make the shipment from the Lahaina Post Office on Monday so a package went out pronto.. Being able to serve our customers while we were thousands of miles from home was fantastic and we were in a great mood when we went to Sunrise Cafe on Front St. for some Loco Moco (me). 

Our server, Anthony, noticed the Zippy I had been using on my shoulder and asked me about it. Turns out that he had been experiencing painful cramps/issues following his weight training sessions and he was being treated by a physical therapist for the condition. Less than fifteen seconds after first using the device he'd purchased it from me, telling me we'd made his day.

Truth told, Anthony made a great day even better. Mahalo Anthony @ Sunrise Cafe.

We love Zippy.

Stevie and Jim, Zing Partners LLC 

Welcome to the Fall and Winter Zippy Fans

The Cubs are the World Series Champs, MIMO FC soccer is in full swing, elderly keeper bouncing off the turf of the pitch, we have Zippys in stock to sell.

Zippy for the diver during a long meet.

Zippy for the diver during a long meet.

Zippy Trio Set Special Special $19.50 Roll With Us!

Zippy for the diver after a long day in the depths.

Zippy for the diver after a long day in the depths.

Restocked Rocker and T-Handle, Zippy sponsors Soccer Camp

Hello Zippy fans!,

We sold all of the Rocker and T-handle models we had on hand in May, restocked and have continued sales for individuals and businesses for resale. Lire is good. Sales are moving a little slow right now, but in the right direction.

Zippy helped sponsor a youth soccer camp with Atomic Soccer Academy #atomicsocceracademy earlier in the summer. We look forward to the fall and winter sessions.

We made changes to our pricing as follows:

Zippy Basic  now $9.95

Zippy T-Handle  now $12.95

Zippy Rocker  now $12.95

We dropped the fixed price shipping. It was costing us $2.00-4.00 per shipment above the flat rate and we could no longer continue. Shipping will now be USPS through Squarespace/Shipspace at checkout.

Zippy continues to be a mom and pop shop with a solid product for your good health.

Thanks again for your support.

Stevie and Jim

Zing Partners LLC.


Summertime is around the corner

We are well into our fifth year with Zippy and we are not sure where we go from here. Our web hits have dropped to single digits most days, with no hits a couple of times a week, and sales have dropped to the lowest point in two years. These things are troubling given the rate of samples delivered to prospective volume customer and corresponding praise for the product, followed by no orders. We are in a sort of funk about it, too. A couple of thousand piece orders would turn that around quickly. Order up?

There is a 100 pc special for promotions: $700 with custom logo (custom shell colors available at extra cost). This will be bespoke production, usually shipped within 30 days of order/down payment. Let us know what you think, please.

We are pleased that Ohio State University men's gymnastics team took 3rd in the NCAA championships for 2016. Cousin Logan and his team mates were excellent in their performance. We are very pleased that a few of our cousins have intrepid competitive spirits in swimming, diving, and gymnastics. We know they use their Zippys, and while we would love to say that the Zippy made a difference, we know it's the hard work of each person while training and competing that makes the grade. Zippy loves athletes.

Most interesting to us today is a result of last nights dinner. We dined at Stacy's Pampered Pig and after a warm conversation with Stacy and his staff we gave Stacy a T-Handle. His response was that he thought he could sell them in the restaurant, and he would let us sell from his food truck when he is on a special event. We will be dropping off a dozen to test his theory.

We submitted an email to Shark Tank a few weeks ago and have received a couple of calls from one of the casting staff. It's mostly been swapping voicemail, so we have no actual response to report. It will be interesting to see what happens.

We are also going to start a promotion on Monday, $1 for a Zippy (plus shipping) as a gift. The purchaser will provide the name of another person and address and we will ship the gifted Zippy to the giftee...  I think we will try it for a week, or while supplies last.

Best wishes to you all. Thank you for your support.

Stevie and Jim

Zing Partners LLC.

Zippy loves athletes. Athletes love Zippy

Amateur, high school, collegiate, professional. Swimming, diving, cross country, ultramarathon,  soccer, baseball, gymnastics, skiing, and snowboarding competitors alike, like their Zippy. 

Zippy devices are getting a "hands on" introduction of sorts through being included in event gift bags. In February, Zippy RBT devices were provided to the the 2016 #R.A.K.E Stephen Bishop Golf tournament in Los Angeles for golfers gift bags. The event was attended by celebrities including (taken from press release for the event):  Alex Thomas, Alison Lee, Cedric the Entertainer, Chris Spencer, Craig T. Nelson, David Justice, Dennis Haysbert, DL Hughley, Flex Alexander, Gary Hudson, Jason Seymour, Jim Brown, Joe Torry, Kathleen Bradley-Redd, Paula Trickey, Reggie Smith, Ron Pearlman, Royce Clayton and Stan Verrett. When the golfers arrived they checked in and received a #RAKE Swag Bag including items like Golf Balls,golf shirt, Cigars, Socks, Gift Certificates and a few other "awesome items". Zippy wasn't specifically named but certainly fell into the awesome item category.

Next week, Zippy will be in gift bags in New York City helping promote a growing travel related health and wellness brand.

Zippy devices have been endorsed by a chiropractor in Phoenix who offers them to her patients for between treatment care. We have submitted samples to physicians and surgeons for evaluation and we look forward to their evaluations and suggestions. Responses have been uniformly good. Quotes to come.

Global travelers have taken Zippy to Thailand, Portugal, and Columbia this year. We certainly hope we can find distributors for increased international sales.

The Zippy RBT team will run in the Rugged Maniac, Phoenix race in April. The team just numbers three at the moment. Join us, it will be fun.

Thanks. Zing Partners LLC>


Closing thoughts 2015

Once again, thank you to all our friends and Zippy family. Your continued support is cherished. We are proud to be distributing a device that works, that does real good, in real time. I love giving them out with the shortest introduction possible so I can watch their eyes as they discover the relaxing power of our humble little golf ball. 

Britton Brown completed a session with thirty or so Lifestyle Fitness trainers, introducing them to the Zippy for personal and professional use. The holiday schedule took over and I look forward to hearing some feedback at the first of the year.

We have an oral agreement with a local charter school to supply enough Zippy devices for their JV and Varsity Girls Soccer program. Their plan is to issue a Zippy to each player for use during the year. It's a great plan. We are soliciting our friends and family to find teams and sports programs in the schools or local community to participate in the program.

Please send us photos of Zippy for our gallery and, Where in the World, page.

Thanks again. God Bless. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year.

Stevie and Jim

Zing Partners LLC 

Hello 2016

It's been a steady sales year, with sales every month for the last 20 months. Thank you to all our friends and buyers. It is beginning to look like the Zippy is the best ever gift. A big shout out to the cadre of folks who are buying by the dozen. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The progress of expansion has been pretty cool to watch, and it's usually others we have been watching. We learned of three sister, cousins, who dive competitively in their classes, with a state podium visit and a state team diving championship in 2015. We are watching family and friends competing at the best, while knowing that they have a Zippy to ease the sprains and strains, aches and pains as we all keep it going on. 

With the new year, we have to clear some shelf space for new production expected in January.  I am not certain what the magnitude of the the special "shelf clearing" pricing will be, so watch our site, email, and social media spaces for end of year inventory reduction pricing.

Speaking of next year, we may have some colors added to the line. Black, white, red, and blue are current candidates. Let us know what you think.

I revamped some of the pages on the site to streamline things a bit. If you notice any changes or have recommendations, let me know.

To all the skiers and snowboarders, from the bunny hill to black diamond and the terrain park, best wishes for a lot of fine snow, deep pack, "just right" powder, and soft pillows you can count on.

Send us a photo for the Where in the World page. We will send you a Zippy sticker and put you in a drawing for a Zippy RBT team performance tshirt or jersey. BTW, the Zippy RBT team will be running the Rugged Maniac 5k, April 2016. Join us. Zippy performance shirt provided to team runners at no charge. 

BTW, The Zippy team shirt will soon be available on the site. Long and short sleeve available. You can get one before I get the pages done.  Short sleeve, $17 + shipping, long sleeve $24 + shipping. Send a comment.

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and regards for a Festivus celebration which is light on the airing of grievances. 

August at the Cusp

Things are moving along at Casa de Zippy. Our next grandchild is due near the middle of the month and we will be visiting North Carolina for a couple of weeks so we can kiss the new family member and give some love to the family.

My cousin, Lily, is competing at the USA National Diving Championships from Aug 1-5. Lily dives in the U11 group and has had solid performances this year at 1M, 3M, and Platform. Because she won her regional competition she enters this one at the semis.  We are very proud of the family, because we know that these performances are predicated on the support the athlete gets from their entire support structure. We love you guys. Have fun.

My cousin, Logan, is entering his Jr Year at Ohio State on the Men's Gymnastics squad. Go Bucks! Go Logan!!!

I am getting bored with the hot weather and looking forward to the change in 'season' when we get back at the end of the month. MIMO morning soccer will return.

Britton has been working leads for Zippy placement in some places in Park City and SoCal. We are very happy that his golf game has improved and like to think Zippy contributed.

Best wishes to all. We are grateful for each transaction, happy that Zippy RBT offers health benefits to anyone who uses them.

Oh, and don't forget Zippy's By the Dozen for family, team, group. Love to all.

Happy August!

Jimmy Zing