Free Zippy's - To Youth, Seniors, Active Duty Military!

Let’s start with our kids… Our seniors 65+… Our Active duty military….

Last year Zippy made it to Singapore, where, forty-eight future tennis stars received a Zippy T-Handle golf ball massage device. Lee Stang, the person who generously offered to take Zippy to Asia for these girls also provided group training and reference materials for using Zippy as a personal care device. Stevie and I enjoyed the stories from the trip and appreciate knowing our products are worthy of recommendation by a world class massage therapist, they are safe for kids of any age, compact, and easy to use, even courtside. You can read about Zippy’s adventures in Asia in our Blog.

Now the desire is to get more Zippy’s into the hands of many more folks, and honor a cousin I never met. Zip Zediker, the cousin i never met, who did wonderful, humble, yet great things in his life. I wanted Zippy to do something in his honor. What better way than to invest in kids, seniors, and active duty military? Pay for the shipping and we send a Zippy. Paying forward the good we know to our kids, seniors, and military can use is a start.

How will be do this? Three Offers in the Pilot Plan.

Two Hundred Zippy’s available directly from Inventory for Youth Athletes 10-19

Two Hundred Zippy’s available directly from Inventory for Adult Seniors 65+

Two Hundred Zippy’s available directly from Inventory for Active Military Personnel.

The Basic terms of these offers is simple. If you qualify through one of these group memberships, and if you pay shipping we will send you the Zippy of your choice at no additional charge. One per person. Does not combine with regular purchases or other discounts. Deal?

Patent Issued for new handle design.

Zippy has potential. We were recently issued a new design patent. We used the Zippy Basic as the functional foundation and have the new patented handle to take to engineering, tooling, and production. Imagine…

Best 8 Gadgets for Hiking Gear - Zippy Made the List

We were included in a list of items to take hiking. Zippy is glad to be included in the article on Follow the Amazon link in the article to buy a Zippy Trio Set.

Best 8 gadgets to take with you when hiking!


An active life on the hiking trail is often accompanied by strains, sprains, sore feet, and the incidental ache and pain. Zippy, the worlds best golf ball massage tool, is perfect for everyone with sports related injury or every day aches and pains. Zippy fits in a pocket or bag and can go anywhere with you, to be ready to improve circulation to bring relaxed muscles and reduced pain and discomfort. The golf ball is a perfect massage tool and Zippy put a handle on it for your good health.

Learn more or buy here.

We want to send a shout out to the author and a big Thank You!

Zippy is on the road again. Sale Pricing Continues @ $5.99

Lee Stang, LMT, shared a new photo of Zippy, nestled with cupping tools, ready to head for Acapulco, Mexico and the Mexican Open Women’s Tennis Tournament. Mon, Feb 25, 2019 – Sat, Mar 2, 2019. #wta

Snowboard T-Handle
14.99 19.99

2018 Snowboard Limited edition T-Handle with black shell and original image.


Lee Stang has taken Zippy to St Petersburg Russia

Zippy’s volunteer ambassador to tennis, Lee Stang, is on the road in St. Petersburg, Russia, where she is working to keep women’s tennis association players in peak condition. We truly appreciate Lee and her willingness to take Zippy international. Our best regards to all at the 2019 St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy event.

Zippy has a great view while enjoying the stay at the Lion Palace!

Phoenix Billboard Advertising

Zippy is getting billboard time on #blipboards in Phoenix as I write. We are on our second and third round of ads on eight billboards in and about Phoenix, and we had a week on a board near Fayetteville, NC. The challenge is, as always, to draw traffic to the website.

Here are the two current ads in Phoenix.

Sales on our Amazon pages have been good this month. Thanks to everyone.

Zippy for 2019 - Clearance

Zippy as a business has been an adventure for six years. We discovered a way to put the handle on a golf ball and set about to make golf ball massage a very popular personal pastime and add a great tool to the professional’s toolbox for themselves and their clients. We saw an unlimited potential for Zippy and put our money into the system to bring about an inexpensive, durable, and ultraportable tool to the market.

2019 looks to be the year for closing up shop . While 2018 brought us very close to breaking even thanks to the work of Britton Brown and Promentory Golf Resort, and, a purchase from a casino resort spa that came out of the blue, we are about done here it seems. Breaking even was the goal and we are only a few thousand dollars from that goal. Setting the goal and sticking to it was very difficult given my emotional bond with the product, appreciation of our customers, search for avenues to get Zippy devices into the hands of our future athletes so they have another wellness tool as they grow and strive. The goal was not met. As a result, Zippy either revives itself with some volume of sales beyond current inventory before the end of August or goes dark by Sept 1. Simple.

We will continue our marketing to sell off our current inventory. Prices will not go above $6.99 during the inventory clearance. Changes will be made to the website in the next few days to reflect the current situation.

Take advantage of the values while inventory lasts and pass on the info to your family and friends.

Thanks again.

Zippy For Snow Players!! $6.99


Zippy Golf Ball Massage tool with T-Handle in Black. Ready for the slopes and back country. Airline safe. #ilovemyzippy #snowplay #snowboard @ski #snow #muscleactivation #achesandpains #madeinusa #madeinarizona

Zippy Holiday Event Prices!!!


Happy Holidays from Zing Partners!

We are happy to supply relaxation and therapy to fellow athletes, fellow humans, and lucky pet friends….. Roll with Us!

It’s Been Quite the Year!! - Lee Stang, LMT

It’s Been Quite the Year!!

Well it has been quite the year for Zippy! The last number of weeks have been a bit of a whirl-wind, what with returning from six weeks in Asia and then trying to re-adjust to EST and a different work schedule! Zippy has been busy and barely had time to catch a breath upon arrival home and diving into full clinic work mode! But we wanted to take a moment to sort of conclude this blog on a really high note!

Zippy started thinking about this adventure back in, I think June of 2018, at the WTA tournament in San Jose California. I was asked to once again provide a short presentation to a group of young female tennis players at the World Championships in Singapore. These girls were selected by their country’s tennis federation to attend what is called the ‘Future Stars’ program. They come together to learn about team work, communication, fair-play, fun in sports and to learn from some of the best tennis players and coaches in the world. They compete in a round-robin tournament based on age groups and the semi-finals and finals were played on the championships center court. It is a great honor and thrill for these girls.

I was pondering what I might do different this year from last. I was working with a player and we were using Zippy to work through some plantar fasciitis issues. She commented that she really liked the tool. It is one thing to talk massage but if you have a fun and effective tool to use it is even better. As I looked at Zippy I thought “wonder if this company would donate?” Only thing to do was ask.

Well the rest is history as they say. I contacted these folks with my request and within the hour they responded with “How many do you need? Which handle forms? When do you need them?” Then as an after-thought “can we promote ourselves?”. The promotion proved more difficult than I had anticipated because of the big name sponsors of the World Championships. Bottom line is Jim emailed me after numerous emails back and forth with the ‘powers that be’. “Lee if this is too difficult we don’t need to worry about promotion. We are just grateful that these tools get into the hands of young athletes”. This certainly warmed my heart!

There is so much negativity in the world today it can be overwhelming. People bickering, complaining and being just plain unfriendly and out solely for themselves. It is a real pleasure to meet people that are friendly, down to earth, willing to lend a hand when asked and not so worried about getting anything back in return, (what I think is really how most people are). Well although I have yet to meet face to face I believe that Stevie and Jim of ZippyRBT are two such people. In our correspondence over the months when you read between the lines you find folks that enjoy what they are doing and love sharing their good fortunes with others. It’s not all about making big money (although nothing wrong with making some money!) It’s about leaving your mark in a good way in sometime unexpected places.

These weeks on the road with Zippy have left their mark. Not only were they a nice little surprise for the kids but everywhere Zippy went people smiled. Whether it was the airline pilot that gave Zip wings,  the bird park attendant that saved Zip when it fell into the bird cage or the people that took Zip to places with them like the Great Wall of China so we could say “the Zip was there”! Zippy made people smile and if they had the good fortune of having some Zippy work done on them it not only made them smile but I think they purred a bit!

So I started this blog as a thank you for the generosity of their donation. But I believe I got a great deal more out of it than they did!  Just by being there Zippy sparked conversations, kicked off the laughter, relieved some of the tension of working in a high energy sometimes high stress environment. Everyone wanted to be sure we had good pictures of Zippy.

Granted I use this tool in my massage practice both at home and on the WTA Tennis Tour. The reason, its good and its fun and it helps save my hands. Clients love it; it makes a great thank you gift for regular clients or for other giveaways. So if I were you I’d order a bunch now!

In closing I am adding the final pictures of Zippy out and about in Singapore and then home here working in NC. I truly want to say thank you to Stevie and Jim for their creativeness in designing this tool, their courage for making and marketing it and their generosity for sharing it with the Future Stars program and making my tour through Asia very, very, very fun. I hope to have that face to face meeting with them someday, maybe in North Carolina where I believe they sometimes visit!

Thanks Stevie and Jim. And thanks to all that have stopped by to read this blog over these weeks. NC Zippy and I wish you health and peace during this holiday season and throughout the coming 2019. Let’s all work to make this a friendly place to live, work and play by doing our little part toward that goal.

Signing off from Henderson North Carolina:

Lee Stang and Zippy

Zippy arrives in Singapore to special things in our room!

The view from our room in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel Extraordinaire!

 Out and about in Singapore: The National Orchid Gardens (can you find Zippy?) an absolutely unbelievably beautiful garden.

The Harbor Front and Downtown:  Zippy enjoying the sculpture and ready for action not to mention the spectacular views of Marina Bay Sands!

Lee Stang, LMT     









The Reason Behind Zippy’s Journey to Asia!


Zippy has been having a great time with travels in Korea (just a quick stop but it counts), China including a trip to the Great Wall, Kuala Lumpur and finally Singapore. Singapore was the primary destination for Zippy. As well packed in our numerous bags were 50 other Zippy tools bound for Singapore and The WTA Future Stars program. This is a program that promotes a better life through sports. The program works with youth throughout Asia-Pacific countries. It uses tennis to promote the “importance of living a healthy lifestyle, teamwork, discipline and focus which will build strength in character that will benefit them both on the tennis court and in life”.

Programs are run throughout the year and this year 48 of the top 14-16-year-old girls from 21 countries came to Singapore to participant in a week of team building, tennis clinics and tournament play. The girls participated in clinics with current WTA player coaches like Sascha Bajin (Naomi Osaka’s coach) and WTA Doubles Team-mates Kveta Peschke  (Czech) and Nicole Melichar (USA). WTA Physio Marty Kehoe started out the morning leading the group in some warm up exercises. She showed them some of the drills they could use to prepare for play.

The girls were divided into 6 groups and after warm-up rotated through six stations practicing serving, volleying, ground strokes, doubles play, their approach to net and backhand. It was a hot day, as all days seem to be in Singapore, with high humidity. But these kids just kept working hard, listening and learning. The morning session ended with Zippy and I! We had about 20-30 minutes to talk with them about cool-down and recovery. We went over some pointers on recovery drinks (chocolate milk being one of the best) recovery stretching, recovery massage and the use of ice (be it ice massage or ice bath). Then the ‘Zip’ took center court so to speak.


Through the generosity of this company 48 Zippy tools were distributed to girls from Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, China, Cambodia, Taipei, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Nepal, New Zealand, Pacific Oceania, Philippines, Singapore and Sri Lanka. They were thrilled. They were attentive to instruction on how to use Zippy for some self-care massage followed by some stretching and were appreciative of the little ‘cheat sheet we put together for them to take with them. It is a little tool but it made a number of young athletes quite happy!

 You know we here in the US take much for granted.  When we started passing out these little tools it was amazing how excited these young athletes got. They couldn’t wait to get their hands on Zippy! It was pure joy! A little tool that could help them in pursuit of their dream of playing professional tennis. Seems like a stretch? Well these kids understand how fortunate they are for having been asked to participate in this ‘future stars’ program here at the World Championships. They take nothing for granted. It was a good day and Zippy was a good ambassador! Now we know there is at least one Zippy residing in all these countries! Probably nestled in the corner of someone’s tennis bag!


Following Zippy’s session the afternoon had them participating in tournament play which eventually culminated in both the semi-finals and finals for the U-14 and U-16 were played on the same center court that the professionals were playing on. An added bonus is that the finals were streamed live through Facebook. This was tremendously exciting, if not a little nerve wracking, for all players. 

Later in the week all the future stars attended the ‘Draw Ceremony’ for the Singles Championships. The top players in each age group were privileged to go on stage and receive a signed tennis racquet from one of the top 8 tennis players in the world. Just another exciting moment for these young athletes! On a side note in 2015 Naomi Osaka won the Future Stars tournament. This year she was playing in the professional tennis World Championships!

Thank you to Stevie and Jim for their generosity in supplying Zippies to all these young athletes and expecting nothing in return. And thank you for designing such a fun and useful little tool. You made a lot of youngsters half way around the world very happy! As well my trip has been quite special sharing it with Zippy and you all! A couple more blog entries to come so stay tuned!!

Here’s a look at Zippy at work with the kids!!

Talking about recovery with the Future Stars            Someone is answering a question; way in the back

Zippy posed earlier in the week for this flyer on technique. Each Future Star Player and Coach received one.

Zippy and friends being passed out to the Future Stars Players .


Zippy is getting ready to show these athletes how good a little ‘roller ball’ can feel!


The muscles we looked at included Gastroc/Soleus shown here as well as Quads.


Zippy demonstrated work on the TFL and ITB and then moved up to the pecs and flexors and extensors in the forearm; quite important for tennis players

The Girls enjoyed and appreciated receiving and working with this amazing little tool. I know there are now at least 48 young athletes throughout Asia-Pacific region that have this roller-ball in their tennis bag. And I have no doubt they are using it. At the end they all gathered round and had a little cheer for Zippy! It was a good day on the courts! Here are Zippys in the hands of Future Stars!


Lee Stang, LMT

Ed note. You are very welcome Lee Stang. Thank you for asking and thank you for blogging.

Real, Basic, Therapy!

Thank you everyone for your support and passion for health and vitality.

Zippy has had a wonderful year and is now being promoted by a resort hotel spa and a golf destination in utah. Zippy expanded on the white space of the golf ball to add red, white, and blue original representations for six sports in 2018. In addition to Swimming and Diving, four new limited edition T-Handle Zippys are described below. And, we started $6.99 end of year pricing to clear out the shelves to make room for the next batch of devices in 2019.

Zippy has been to the Great Wall this year, and was a gift to future tennis stars for self treatment. Zippy may look like a toy, but it is a wonderful gift for nearly everyone: athletes, musicians, elders, youngsters! Easy to use for treating everyday aches and pains, rest and relaxation, and recovery!

Winter 2018 Limited Edition “Pick a Sport” T-Handles!!

End of year Pricing makes Zippy super affordable for teams and individuals. Great for personal and/or professional use.

Four limited imprints for Winter 2018

Made in the USA! Red and blue figures on white evoke the spirit of sport. Our collection started with the Swimming, Diving, and POW/MIA limited editions. We are adding Volleyball, Snowboard, Golf, and Tennis.

The Zippy logo and art are pad printed for durability. A portion of each sport related Zippy goes to USA Teams or appropriate charity.


Falling into Winter Pricing Changes

1 Zippy (any model) - $6.99

Per Dozen (any models) - $70.00

Per Hundred - quoted on request, subject to availability

In progress. Ends December 31, 2018 or while supplies last.

Four new limited edition Zippy T-Handle models in black shell, with figures representing Snowboard, Golf, Tennis, and Volley Ball!

Zippy’s Continued Adventures


Well, Zippy and traveling companions had a really fun time in Kuala Lumpur. But, the time came when we all needed to head back to work. The new place for that work was Singapore; at the Women’s Tennis Association’s World Championships.   


Singapore is a city, country located off the southern tip of Malaysia. It is a melting pot of people: Malay, Indian, Chinese, Singaporeans and others from all over the world. It has a population of around 3 million people and they have proven to be very ingenious in bringing their country from a third world nation to a first world country in just one generation!

Singapore was a British Colony. It was occupied by the Japanese during WWII. Following the war it gained its independence from Britain and was part of Malaysia in 1963. Singapore split from Malaysia in 1965 becoming its own country. It has become a major hub for finance, logistics (having one of the largest ports in the world), and technology.

Singapore is palm trees and lagoons; markets and huge malls; high end shopping and cricket! We stayed at the Marina Bay Sands hotel and were greeted in our room by this cool little elephant. Our view from the 48th floor was over the water of the bay. Facing east we got the beautiful sunrises in the morning and Zippy could look out on the famous ‘Gardens by the Bay’. You can see them in the distance, the round structures on the right.  You can wonder through them for hours. Shortly after our arrival came some goodies from the tournament welcoming us in. Zip was feeling quite at home.


Soon after arrival it was time to head to site of the WTA World Championships in Women’s Tennis. Setting up the training room and massage area was in order.  The site is large and included the National Stadium where football (our soccer!) is played, as well they have a large indoor arena that was converted into Center Court. If you enjoy tennis the World Championships is what you want to watch. The top 8 singles players and the top 8 doubles teams compete for the title. The singles play a round robin sequence then the top two players from each bracket play the semifinals and finals. Every match is like a final anywhere. The caliber of tennis is just awesome! Zippy had the opportunity to check out the arena.

Zippy: checking out the view from the line judge’s seat; on center court and a view from the end line.

I know there has been some time since out last blog but keep an eye out as we have some cool Zippy adventures yet to come. The next installment will be all about the main reason that Zippy and 50 of his buds came all the way to Singapore.

On one other note: this is not only a fun little tool it is an efficient little tool. It is great to use as a Massage Therapist to augment your work and it is equally really a fantastic tool to use for self-care whether you are an MT, an athlete or just the average person that has regular aches and pains. The other thing to keep in mind is it is a great gift for clients and to use as give aways for any number of events. Get your logo put on it, if you are an MT order a bunch and give them out to your favorite clients! The holiday season is the time to jump on this!!

That is enough of my plug for this great little tool. Keep an eye out for some of Zippy’s final adventures on the other side of the world!!

Lee Stang, LMT

Zippy in the Bird Park - Lee Stang, LMT

Touring Kuala Lumpur


One of the things you notice about Malaysia is not only the heat but the humidity. Folks tell us that the weather in Kuala Lumpur was actually mild with temperatures being in the 80-90s and the humidity being less than 90%! Not sure I believe that as it was pretty hot. We did learn that when it started to drizzle one should expect a downpour within 10 minutes! We were absolutely drenched on the first night as we came home from a walking tour of the local market.


Even Zippy got soaked! But that did not deter us from scheduling some exciting days in KL including a full day food tour!

But our first stop was an adventurous day at the national Bird Park, Tamanburung. It was really a pretty neat place where birds were protected but could fly around or meander as they pleased. 


Zippy’s first adventure was simply observing the sights like this beautiful gentleman that greeted us upon entry! Or the lovely scenery that  provided  these birds both safety and freedom.


We were actually prepared this time when the drizzle started as we were pretty sure that the torrential rains were about to hit. Luckily we were under this outcropping and waterfall so at first didn’t know it was raining, but then it poured! We anticipated something like this so had found what amounted to a dollar store and purchased not only umbrellas but these nifty rain coats that were quite a fashion statement if I do say so! I think other visitors were jealous!

After the rain we were able to venture into the bird areas and Zippy was able to engage with some of what became our feathered friends.  This guy was curious, kept looking out of the corner of his eye at the Zip.   He started to come closer then decided he was just going to ignore!

Then there were the parrots. Beautiful colors and quite friendly. They looked like they had been painted. One little guy (or gal!) was quite curious and actually picked Zippy up and tossed him into the pen area! Thinking he might have wanted to keep the Zip! Lucking an area worker assisted and brought Zippy back up to the walk-way where we could continue our tour!

)ops! Zippy takes a spill or was actually pushed! But survived to travel on!

Some of the other sights included these lovely birds.  

Another great day.  


Lee Stang, LMT

Zippy heads to Kuala Lumpur - Lee Stang, LMT

Zippy heads to Kuala Lumpur ,Malaysia


On this leg of the trip Zippy got to travel on AirAsia. In total the Zip will be traveling on 5 different airlines. Delta, Korea Airlines, China Eastern, AirAsia, and Singapore Air. So far AirAsia is the favorite. We were able to get into one of the VIP lounges. This was nice as it was an early morning flight.


I have come to believe that Zippy is a good luck traveling companion as we had upgrades from Beijing to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! Business class for the 6.5-hour flight. Actually, had a first in my travels, the ‘flat seats’! Those seats in business class that came out and went flat for sleeping. Now we had been looking forward to what we were told was very good food on this AirAsia flight. However, the seats were comfortable enough, the flight was early enough 2:15 am, and the hours worked in Beijing and Wuhan long enough that we were sufficiently tired enough that we slept through breakfast and they had to wake us to put our seats into the ‘upright position’ for landing! A bit disappointing but overall needed.

Arrival in Kuala Lumpur went smoothly; not ever sure we went through customs yet there was a spot that they did check and stamp our passports. But it was oh so easy. Now as we had just a tiny bit of luggage between the two of us the next issue was that of securing a cab or two to our hotel. Again, so easy. You go to the taxi booth in the airport, select the type of car needed, in our case a van, pay and proceed outside where it is then awaiting you! We traveled about 40 miles from the airport to our hotel and with the two of us (three counting Zippy, but the Zip takes up very little room) and our 8+ bags it cost us about 40$ total for the van. And you don’t tip cab drivers in Malaysia!

So we arrived at our destination in KL. Now, all of this trip is for work EXCEPT Kuala Lumpur. We have 5 days before we need to be in Singapore for the World Championships so thought we’d take a little detour to KL. Looking to have some cool adventures here. And we get to stay at the JW Marriott in downtown. Should be fun.

Zippy on Tour, Beijing - Lee Stang, LMT

Zippy In Beijing


Touring around Beijing Zippy came across the Olympic Park. Site of the 2008 summer Games and the site of the 2022 Games as well. Zippy took a tour around the site and saw the swimming box, Olympic rings and got up close and personal to the Birds Nest that iconic style Olympic Stadium that represents the Chinese Olympics.


The Olympic Rings still look over the stadium complex that includes the Birds Nest and the Swimming venue. The park is still well used and a huge destination for the Chinese people coming in for holiday. Here are a group of folks performing a form of Tai Chi.



Zippy had a good look at the Birds Nest and the very cool architecture that defines it.

Then Zip took a look at some sights at the Olympic Tennis park including the Lotus court and the Women’s singles trophy. All pretty impressive

Zippy had a morning that got him out of the hotel early and onto the streets of Beijing in non other than the basket of a bicycle! At first it was a little daunting what with the Beijing traffic but we soon found that we could maneuver the streets safely within the marked bike paths. Now bike paths in China certainly don’t mean that it is only bicycles that use them. Indeed there are bicycles, motored bicycles carrying any number of items and people, motorcycles and scooters and of course cars. But just not quite so many cars. And also don’t think that being on a bicycle gives you the right-of-way to do anything. Riding a bike in Beijing is the definition of defensive driving. But we found a lovely park to ride through; until of course the policeman stopped us and in no uncertain terms indicated that the park was for pedestrians not bikes!



View of the park while we were still in it. Didn’t last too long till we had to maneuver in the streets.

Zippy nestled in the bike basket had a great view along the streets of Beijing.

A stop to explore the lions of China: on the left is Zip with the nurturing lion with the cub under the left paw; on the right the lion that is guarding the world with the world under its right paw. Zippy continues his Asian swing with trips coming up to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Singapore!

Zippy at work and recovery! Lee Stang, LMT

So here at the China Open Zippy finds himself in the training and massage rooms working hard; or as they might say of the massage therapist using Zippy, is hardly working! Zippy is a tool that helps save the hands; it fits nicely in the palm as you work with either the roller ball or the flat side. Combining its use with other tools, like massage cups, provides excellent means of releasing tension in the soft tissue without working ones’ hands too hard.

Here you see Zippy working with some of its favorite ‘buds’, the negative ion cups, to release the erector group and deeper paraspinals, even QL.    

Here using the flat end of Zippy allows you to strip the QL and erectors and then using the tip get really specific into multifidi

.Using the roller ball helps to facilitate release through QL muscle belly and along the iliac crest while the cups are in place to help with further release of the tissues. Using the flat end (we often refer to it as the snowboard end) to strip the length of the erector group right through the QL is very effective to get the last bit of tissue release once the cups are removed.

Now Zippy has had a busy week so self-care and recovery are very important. One of the things we often tell our athletes is regarding the value of ice baths to help facilitate the recovery process. Well, Zippy figured if it was good enough for these elite athletes it was good enough for Zippy. So into the ice bath Zippy went! We learned some interesting things about Zippy and water!


The first is that Zippy does not know how to swim! Yes, that is Zippy at the bottom of the cool pool! Embarrassing for the little guy! So, we found that for recovery purposes, if Zippy had either a little plastic bag boat or was able to sit on the ice flow it was much better.

 Another great approach with Zippy is to actually sit in the ice freezer for a while.  It gets good and cold and makes for a nice ice treatment following play or on an area that might be initially quite tender to the touch. A little cold roller ball therapy can go a long way to decreasing tissue tenderness, you can then get into the area a bit easier. And in the freeze Zip doesn’t need to worry about swimming!

Another great approach with Zippy is to actually sit in the ice freezer for a while.  It gets good and cold and makes for a nice ice treatment following play or on an area that might be initially quite tender to the touch. A little cold roller ball therapy can go a long way to decreasing tissue tenderness, you can then get into the area a bit easier. And in the freeze Zip doesn’t need to worry about swimming!

As Zippy has been working hard it is now time for some relaxation and fun. Look for Zippy traveling around Beijing. Even a trip out to the country side so see the great wall is in Zippy’s future.

Lee Stang, LMT

Zippy and Self Care


So one of the things that is obviously important for the massage therapist on a regular basis is taking care of oneself. It is especially important here on the tennis circuit as days are long, anywhere from 9 – 16 hours. Now some of that is taken up with the start the day meetings and then there is the writing of notes. Yet you can have your hands on someone for a good 7-9 hours in a day between the scheduled massage sessions and the spot work in the training room. Self-care becomes essential. That and good sleep! A bit of exercise if you have the stamina!

Zippy comes in quite handy for the self-care part. As a matter of fact, this is one of the reasons the Zip is on this trip in the quantities I am carrying. 50 of them. Zip will be showing a group of young tennis athletes some easy ways to take care of themselves off the court as part of a presentation I will be giving to the WTA Future Stars program.


Here you see Zippy demonstrating various ways to reduce some the tension throughout various muscle groups.  It is a nice tool for this because of its ease to hold on to. Often as we try doing self-massage the area that we are working feels good but the hand we are doing it with starts to hurt because we cannot use very good body mechanics. Zippy fits nicely into your hand and gives the opportunity for both kneading the muscle with its roller ball or stripping and scrapping the muscle with its flat end.  Its shape allows for easy use with little to no stress on the treating hand and forearm. Try some out on yourself if you haven’t already! It feels ‘oh so good’. Here we are demoing through the clothes but used directly on the soft tissue (with or without a bit of lotion) feels great.


Here we are using Zippy with the gastric/soleus and then it feels great along the ITB.


Use it through the quads and even into the neck. When you add some active movement as you work this tissue it enhances the effects even more! These are some of the techniques that will be shared with the Future Stars kids. But we still have work (and some play) here in Beijing. So keep an eye out for Zippys’ further adventures in Asia. I see some sight-seeing in its future!

Lee Stang, LMT

Zippy on the road Again!


Zippy has finished working at the Wuhan Open Tennis tournament and is now headed for Beijing! Traveling today on China Eastern

The Zip is quite pleased that he is not traveling in general luggage as it could be dangerous!! There is sooooo much!


Rather Zippy gets to actually travel business class, which is very unusual, with co- travelers Physio Marty Kehoe and Massage Therapist Lee Stang. Ah what a life! Watch for Zippy at the China Open in Beijing. Might even catch a glimpse of the Great Wall and other exciting sites.



Arrival in Asia!

Hello All:

It has been a few days since our arrival in Wuhan, China. We came through Seoul, South Korea where Zippy had a few enjoyable moments in the kids play area while awaiting our next flight out. The Seoul is one of the nicest airports in the world. Look closely and you’ll see the ‘Zip’!

After settling into our hotel, the Hilton Optic Valley, in Wuhan (where the view from our room is quite pleasant) we made our way to the site of the Wuhan Open where we are working as part of the WTA Sports Science and Medicine staff.

I am one of three Massage Therapists here at this tournament that work side by side with our team of five Physios. We provide for the medical needs of any and all players at this tournament. I have found Zippy to be an effective addition to my tool kit when working with these professional athletes. Keep an eye out for additional glimpses of Zippy at work and at play here in Asia!

Zippy enjoying the view and checking out the poster of Chinese star Li Na here in Wuhan.

Lee Stang

Board Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist.