Welcome to Casa de Zippy

There is a gigantic sense of gratitude in Casa de Zippy as we begin our fourth year of Zippy production. There has been a lot of work and love put into the work to get this far, and we are honored with the opportunity to bring you the best product we can, hopefully a world class offering. The reality of following the flame of a really good idea from wisp of idea to stock on hand and a nice web site to sell from is pretty amazing. We have had many friends and contributors who help us on our path, and we deeply appreciate each soul, each voice who has guided or chided as we moved along. A great joy goes with the wide ranging acceptance of the Zippy device in all its forms and it is an honor to feel we have made a contribution in the well being of your life through this simple offering. 

We hear from Zippy users about their experiences as we continue to grow, and those sharing opportunities keep us motivated to work toward introducing accessories to expand the functionality of the Zippy line. We've heard from elders coping with the effects of age and reduced circulation; athletes invested in the difficult work of training hard, performing at their peak, and shortening recovery cycles; musicians needing to keep hands, arms, and shoulders relaxed and supple; dancers for feet, legs, lower back, and hips; trainers, coaches, and therapists for their clients/team-mates; nurses and medical staff; mechanics; accountants; office workers; travel agents; students; and every-day fellow citizens facing normal aches and pains. We thank you all for finding Zippy to be useful in your daily lives and telling us about it. 

In 2014, Zippy went to two conventions, the Ohio Assoc. of Massage Therapy Schools Teachers and Administrators conference,  and the American Massage Therapy Assn. annual convention. At both events we found a willing market for Zippy and our sales and web hits began to grow. In 2015 we have already sponsored some regional AMTA related events. We want to say thank you to all the massage therapists who have discovered Zippy and who have told their friends. A double thank you to all of you who have found the "Buy Zippy by the Dozen" to be your purchase of choice. 

Zippy is pretty social and we want to get better. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked In and interested in making each of these platforms work. It's a new world and we are slowly getting a handle on getting out our message, if somewhat intermittently. Watch for this to improve in 2015. If you have a suggestion or can help us out, please let us know.

The next post in the works is from our friend, coach, soccer goalie, etc. Danny Starkins.

Love to all.

Jimmy Zing.