Britton's Corner, July

What are the benefits from using a Zippy RBT device?

There are many benefits and uses for our Rolling Ball Therapy devices!  Their compact design allows easy access to quick relief of tight muscles and knots!  When we are constantly pushing our bodies to perform we also need modalities that can help return our systems to optimal function!  By rolling through the tension we can allow our body to re-align itself with proper circulation of blood and lymph flow necessary for ideal health.  

There are also many non-physical stressors that cause our body to tighten up. Bad posture alone can cause problems that throw the whole body out of sync.  Sitting at a desk or working on a computer can cause problem areas from overuse of one arm and underuse of the rest of the body.  In these situations where someone has muscle atrophy due to non-use, the Zippy acts to bring blood flow to the area and stimulate muscle activity.   

I recommend  leaving a Zippy in the freezer to add the positive benefits of ice therapy.  It not only helps cool down the muscle and reduce inflammation, but also can help break down scar tissue in articulations such as knees, elbows and feet.  It is great for ailments like “tennis elbow” and plantar fasciitis!  

Zippy RBT models: the Basic, the Rocker Handle, and the T-Handle are the right size and shape for everywhere use. The Rocker and T-Handle models expand grip opportunities/profiles and offer integrated therapy tools that can be used easily by professional or home care user.  Custom color and co-branding available!

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