August at the Cusp

Things are moving along at Casa de Zippy. Our next grandchild is due near the middle of the month and we will be visiting North Carolina for a couple of weeks so we can kiss the new family member and give some love to the family.

My cousin, Lily, is competing at the USA National Diving Championships from Aug 1-5. Lily dives in the U11 group and has had solid performances this year at 1M, 3M, and Platform. Because she won her regional competition she enters this one at the semis.  We are very proud of the family, because we know that these performances are predicated on the support the athlete gets from their entire support structure. We love you guys. Have fun.

My cousin, Logan, is entering his Jr Year at Ohio State on the Men's Gymnastics squad. Go Bucks! Go Logan!!!

I am getting bored with the hot weather and looking forward to the change in 'season' when we get back at the end of the month. MIMO morning soccer will return.

Britton has been working leads for Zippy placement in some places in Park City and SoCal. We are very happy that his golf game has improved and like to think Zippy contributed.

Best wishes to all. We are grateful for each transaction, happy that Zippy RBT offers health benefits to anyone who uses them.

Oh, and don't forget Zippy's By the Dozen for family, team, group. Love to all.

Happy August!

Jimmy Zing