Zippy loves athletes. Athletes love Zippy

Amateur, high school, collegiate, professional. Swimming, diving, cross country, ultramarathon,  soccer, baseball, gymnastics, skiing, and snowboarding competitors alike, like their Zippy. 

Zippy devices are getting a "hands on" introduction of sorts through being included in event gift bags. In February, Zippy RBT devices were provided to the the 2016 #R.A.K.E Stephen Bishop Golf tournament in Los Angeles for golfers gift bags. The event was attended by celebrities including (taken from press release for the event):  Alex Thomas, Alison Lee, Cedric the Entertainer, Chris Spencer, Craig T. Nelson, David Justice, Dennis Haysbert, DL Hughley, Flex Alexander, Gary Hudson, Jason Seymour, Jim Brown, Joe Torry, Kathleen Bradley-Redd, Paula Trickey, Reggie Smith, Ron Pearlman, Royce Clayton and Stan Verrett. When the golfers arrived they checked in and received a #RAKE Swag Bag including items like Golf Balls,golf shirt, Cigars, Socks, Gift Certificates and a few other "awesome items". Zippy wasn't specifically named but certainly fell into the awesome item category.

Next week, Zippy will be in gift bags in New York City helping promote a growing travel related health and wellness brand.

Zippy devices have been endorsed by a chiropractor in Phoenix who offers them to her patients for between treatment care. We have submitted samples to physicians and surgeons for evaluation and we look forward to their evaluations and suggestions. Responses have been uniformly good. Quotes to come.

Global travelers have taken Zippy to Thailand, Portugal, and Columbia this year. We certainly hope we can find distributors for increased international sales.

The Zippy RBT team will run in the Rugged Maniac, Phoenix race in April. The team just numbers three at the moment. Join us, it will be fun.

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