Summertime is around the corner

We are well into our fifth year with Zippy and we are not sure where we go from here. Our web hits have dropped to single digits most days, with no hits a couple of times a week, and sales have dropped to the lowest point in two years. These things are troubling given the rate of samples delivered to prospective volume customer and corresponding praise for the product, followed by no orders. We are in a sort of funk about it, too. A couple of thousand piece orders would turn that around quickly. Order up?

There is a 100 pc special for promotions: $700 with custom logo (custom shell colors available at extra cost). This will be bespoke production, usually shipped within 30 days of order/down payment. Let us know what you think, please.

We are pleased that Ohio State University men's gymnastics team took 3rd in the NCAA championships for 2016. Cousin Logan and his team mates were excellent in their performance. We are very pleased that a few of our cousins have intrepid competitive spirits in swimming, diving, and gymnastics. We know they use their Zippys, and while we would love to say that the Zippy made a difference, we know it's the hard work of each person while training and competing that makes the grade. Zippy loves athletes.

Most interesting to us today is a result of last nights dinner. We dined at Stacy's Pampered Pig and after a warm conversation with Stacy and his staff we gave Stacy a T-Handle. His response was that he thought he could sell them in the restaurant, and he would let us sell from his food truck when he is on a special event. We will be dropping off a dozen to test his theory.

We submitted an email to Shark Tank a few weeks ago and have received a couple of calls from one of the casting staff. It's mostly been swapping voicemail, so we have no actual response to report. It will be interesting to see what happens.

We are also going to start a promotion on Monday, $1 for a Zippy (plus shipping) as a gift. The purchaser will provide the name of another person and address and we will ship the gifted Zippy to the giftee...  I think we will try it for a week, or while supplies last.

Best wishes to you all. Thank you for your support.

Stevie and Jim

Zing Partners LLC.