Restocked Rocker and T-Handle, Zippy sponsors Soccer Camp

Hello Zippy fans!,

We sold all of the Rocker and T-handle models we had on hand in May, restocked and have continued sales for individuals and businesses for resale. Lire is good. Sales are moving a little slow right now, but in the right direction.

Zippy helped sponsor a youth soccer camp with Atomic Soccer Academy #atomicsocceracademy earlier in the summer. We look forward to the fall and winter sessions.

We made changes to our pricing as follows:

Zippy Basic  now $9.95

Zippy T-Handle  now $12.95

Zippy Rocker  now $12.95

We dropped the fixed price shipping. It was costing us $2.00-4.00 per shipment above the flat rate and we could no longer continue. Shipping will now be USPS through Squarespace/Shipspace at checkout.

Zippy continues to be a mom and pop shop with a solid product for your good health.

Thanks again for your support.

Stevie and Jim

Zing Partners LLC.