Harvest Moon Edition

The Jr PanAmDiving championships are over and Lily placed fourth in two events and fifth in the third event. We are very proud of the way the USA divers competed, especially Lily and Elena, in the 12-13 year class. Wonderful diving with poise and grit. Great work.

We have added Gift Cards to our product line. Send your favorite athlete a Gift Card so they can Roll With Us!

There was a surprise order from the mother of a Div 1 Volleyball player for multiple Zippy devices. Turns out I had seen the parents of the student (along with the squad) in an airport and i gave them a sample at that time. I mentioned that a sister school Volleyball team purchased Zippys in early 2017 and they should give them a try. Turns out that they did give them a try, and an order. Thank you.

We are searching for an economical way to add a customer logo to a completed Zippy. Currently it appears that short orders will effectively cost between $5-7 per unit to add an imprint to an assembled unit. We are looking at a variety of means to add your custom logo to the Zippy ball, including transfers, pad printing, and dry transfers. We love seeing your logo on the Zippy. #ilovemyzippy

Fall soccer season has begun for the MIMO FC league. We are looking forward to great games and lots of fun. This could be year 15 or 16 for our coed pickup league. Thanks for the good times MIMO mates.

Best wishes to all of you for the remainder of 2017 and hopes for a great year in 2018.

Stevie and Jim
Zing Partners LLC