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School in full swing, headed for the holidays. College sports deep into the fall and winter season sports. Athletes are growing into Olympic dreams, some other are seeing a path, yet others shield the spark and nurture their inner flame as they grow toward podium dreams and hopes. Older athletes, now out of school and in the workforce train and compete within themselves to endure. 

Retirement from the 9-5 seems to be a natural for us. Stevie and I work out three times a week together to build and maintain strength and stay in a healthy, happy exercise group. Happy is important as we move into our later 60's. Happy seems to have a connection to healthy in our lives and we cherish every giggle, grin, and guffaw the universe brings our way. For those who might envy our lack of regular jobs (Zippy is an act of love, not a job) we encourage being happy where you are now. You have time to plan and grow, to change for better or worse, to be happy day by day. If you get along with your mate, happy seems to be a large part of "As you wish"...


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Stevie's ankle has been in near total pain mode for a few days. She advises that there will be some sort of weather change in a couple of days, as that is the lead time for her biological pre-weather alert system. Stevie had a tumor removed from her left ankle thirty years ago, or so. Since that time there has been restricted movement in the ankle and, what she regards as bone on bone contact. In addition, when she sits still and does not keep the ankle moving, the joint stiffens up immediately and must be 'primed' with micromovements before she can place weight on that foot. Her situation isn't like to change as the medical field has a limited number of options, and the 'best' options, so to speak, require with fusion, replacement, or temporary lube. With such limited choices, doing nothing more than otc pain meds has been the routine. 

Until Zippy, that is. Since Zippy was invented Stevie has been using our golf ball massage device every day to relieve pain and improve circulation in her foot and ankle. I am very glad to say that my Princess Bride is very appreciative for Zippy and she tells me this quite often. I am a happy man.


We have had a good experience with producing Zippy with custom logos for corporate customers who are using Zippy for promotional purposes. Our client is happy with the devices and their customers are giving great feedback to the client. The coins can have two sides. We have also had a less successful experience and have been unable to fill an order for a client, which brings this musing. We tried to provide custom imprint services in quantities too small to run through our production floor. I tried to find a solution where we could supply a few dozen devices but have failed. Our new policy will require a minimum of 100 pieces with 2-color logo imprint, six weeks lead. This an economical way to promote your team, business, a healthy lifestyle and self care, or any number of other purposes. Zippy is world class and will be fully functional for years under rigorous use.

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Buy One Get One Basic Free offer good from 11/06/2017 to November 30, 2017. Offer cannot be combined with any other discounts or specials and is limited to adding one Zippy Basic model to every Zippy Basic ($10.88 value), Zippy Rocker Handle ($16.88 vaue), or Zippy T-Handle ($16.88) purchased at full retail value. We will automatically include the free Basic when shipping to the customer.

Zippy Tip #1 - Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

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