When is a massage like an Angel?

Hello world, the holiday season is upon us and we have more holiday events to come. I have been thinking a lot about the impact of five thousand Zippys currently in the hands of folks in the world. Zippy products have been sent to New South Wales, Australia; England; Scotland; Amsterdam; Rome, Italy; Israel; Mexico; Columbia;, and demonstrated by Zippy-friends in France, Romania, Croatia, Thailand, and, hopefully, other countries, too. My thoughts are with everyone who has used and/or purchased a Zippy. Good health to you. I wonder how everyone is doing, and I wonder if their Zippy is helping them as much mine helps me. 

When is a massage like an Angel? When it's a chair rub.

I am grateful to be the one who successfully put a handle on a golf ball. Where I was struggling with sore feet and the aches and pains that come with doing the work to get fit and stay fit. Golf ball massage made a difference in my life in general as well as in training and performance as an athlete and a senior.  I recommend Zippy to everyone. #ilovemyzippy