Zippy Loves Athletes. Athletes, Trainers, Healers Love Zippy

Amateur, high school, collegiate, professional. Swimming, diving, cross country, ultramarathon,  soccer, baseball, gymnastics, skiing, and snowboarding competitors alike, like their Zippy. 

Zippy devices are seen in the deck bag of the U11 USA Champion Diver on our gallery page. This diver's intrepid sisters are champions in their own right, one with her own gallery photos. Zippy is proud to add them to our personal list of Zippy Important Persons.

We have a new device in development and we are researching new production methods for small batches of what we call The Soother. The Soother is a Patented multitool created to provide an almost infinite toolset of "thumbs and fingers" intended for releasing pressure points in nearly any muscle set. The device was developed for a therapist who thought a tool of this sort was necessary for his personal use, for the deep and complex, and persistent pain. We've worn out two silicone molds with hand production of thirty or so devices. The Soother is wonderful for quieting and removing pressure point pain and it's also one of the best devices i have used for 'scraping'.  The arched surfaces can be angled to span/reach quads and delts and calf, or wrist/hand/foot/ankle with equal ease. Each of the four fingers permit one to find previously unknown level of comforting "hot spots" and offering pain release for nearly every muscle group. The Soother is Zing Partners first design patent. Our second, for a new handle model that can be adapted for single, double, or triple Basic combinations.

We are in discussion with a university strength coach regarding a need he has in the gym for hip flexor tools. The university bought a dozen devices for his program. We are happy to be working with coaches, trainers, and therapists across the United States to make our products better and bring new applications to the world.

Life is good at Casa Zippy. We salute every athlete at every level who give it their best, at every level. Thank you. Zippy loves athletes. We salute every massage therapist for the work they perform to make this a better world, one massage at a time. We are very happy that Zippy can provide a wonderful level of release for a variety of muscle groups in the upper body, hands, and arms for the personal level release needed after a long day at the massage table. We don't know how many therapists use Zippy for their clients, but we would like to know. Please drop us a line if you are a massage therapist and let us know if you have been able to incorporate Zippy in your practice.

Send us photos for our Gallery and Where in the World pages as well as thoughts and suggestions to make the world a better place through Zippy.

Thanks. Zing Partners LLC>