College News

We received the following from one of our collegiate friends.

I am a Division I strength and conditioning coach. We have been using the Zippy RBT for several months and have found it exceptionally beneficial. The device is small enough to easily be carried in a backpack and can allow for very precise spot work of muscle and fascia. We actually had a sport purchase one for each team member so they can have them available at all times. Some of the team members use them prior to practice to get ready while others use them after practice to relieve sore and tired muscles. I have even heard some team members mention having used them between classes or while at home before going to sleep. I believe the Zippy RBT could be a positive addition to anyone’s soft tissue “toolbox”.
— Div I Coach

Our "Using Zippy" page is still broken, but we hope to have it working by early next week.

Thank you for rolling with Zippy.