Adventure, sport, leisure, happy living

August 2017 is in the books and September looks to be a mammoth month for Mr and Mrs Zippy. We delivered our first eight dozen devices with the customers logo imprinted where we usually put our website URL. It is an exciting time. We are expecting the remainder of our new stock in a few days. The production department did an excellent job so we could get the devices out on our customers schedule. Thank you!

Adventure - We will be taking our first train ride in Septermber and it's going to be fun. After a shuttle ride from the Phoenix airport to Flagstaff Amtrak station, we will be traveling to LA and then to Tacoma via the Coast Starlight. A couple of days in Tacoma with cousins and then we will be headed to Victoria BC to watch an international diving competition. The USA Junior National Dive team will be competing with divers from the Americas in the 2017 Pan Am Jr Championships, Victoria, Canada. We are looking forward to learning new things and seeing old things in a new way whilst enjoying the hospitality of Amtrak, our cousins, and canadian airbnb host.

Sport - Our cousin Lily Witte is on the previously mentioned USA Junior National team and will be the focus of our attention during the competitions. She stands tall, heeds the mechanics, listens to her coaches, and has the full support of her family as she trains and competes. She has inherited, and shares with her sisters, the trait for "Intrepid" from her mother. We are certainly looking forward to spending time with the extended family.

Leisure - Missus Zippy and I are officially retired from regular jobs now. We continue to manufacture our Zippy and look forward to reaching a wider audience and increased sales. We had the privilege of spending an extended time with children and grandchildren in Ohio and North Carolina in the spring and are grateful for our health, love, social security money, and the time to enjoy it.

Happy living - The Zippy device has been a refinement in my life for happy living. We were not unhappy before the universe floated the solution for putting a handle on a golf ball. Not at all. I was over 60, playing soccer once a week with co-ed players of various skills, growing into my role as a goalie, and, 175 lbs slowly losing weight and getting stronger. I was happy but my feet hurt. They hurt in shoes when I played. They hurt in shoes or flip flops the rest of the time. I was happy, but my feet hurt. Having Britton use a golf ball on my feet was revolutionary. It hurt and tickled and relieved my pain. After the rolling ball therapy with a golf ball I was even happier. My feet didn't hurt.

It was a good thing, hearing Britton mutter to himself, after dropping the ball six or eight times, wishing he had a way to hold on to the golf ball. Once again I say thanks to the universe for handing me the plan and energizing me to solve the puzzle. After using Zippy daily as needed for five years, my feet still don't hurt. On top of that I have a massage tool that travels in my carry on, in my gym bag, in the car, and can hang out in the freezer for cryoZippy treatment. Missus Zippy uses her Zippy daily to help relieve her ankle pain. It's said that a happy wife is a happy life and, with a Zippy in her hand I know this to be true. Our plan is to continue with our happy lives and share Zippy where we can.  #ilovemyzippy

Love to all, ya'll!