2018 it is. Hello world!

Thanks for everything, Zippy interested folks and purchasers from around the US, and the world. 2017 was a good year. The video of me using a Zippy Rocker Handle on my foot ran twice in December. We had over a 100,000 views from the first promotion and wanted to see how good it could get by the end of the year. The second promotion of the video got over 64,000 views in a week. We also ran a different promotion for the neck, shoulder, and upper arm which did not get the same numbers yet allows us to work on getting our message across visually. Thanks everyone.

The old year went out with a flurry of sales and the new year is humming along. To keep things humming we have the following special going thru January 31. 

Zippy Rocker - $10

Zippy Basic - $10

Zippy T-Handle - $10

Zippy Tip #1:  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Our newest, fastest growing portion of our business is the custom imprint service. Should you need some Zippy devices with your company logo, we can supply your need. Family outing, sporting event, promotional give away? Zippy is ready. Roll with Us!


Zippy devices are easier than ever to customize for your family, team, or business. Start with a one dozen minimum.