Marching forward - 2018

Lot's of events and milestones seem to come and go according to a 'universal' schedule which remains out of our reach. Say, for example, and old dude learning to play soccer. I was fifty four years old when I started playing. I was out of shape, overweight, wearing the wrong shoes, and worse. In my first two games i strained more muscles than I knew I had at the time, but I continued to arrive at the pitch and learn the game. That was fifteen years ago. Eventually i learned the game, and the goal keeper position, and earn my place with every game in a body better set for challenging younger athletes head to head. Who might have guessed that I can keep up on the field as I approach seventy. Yet, I do. Happily. Loving the "beautiful game."

The 'universal' schedule of ideas, how they flow from mental spark to fruition, is similarly interesting at Zippy. Starting August, 2012 all the bits an pieces for a new product (including the production of the product) were in place and we started selling on Indigogo. Five years later and seven thousand Zippy golf ball massagers released to users in the world, and we are beginning to see large purchases of Zippy devices delivered to customers for their clients and patrons. We look forward to more and bigger sales in 2018 as things progress. We will keep you informed. 

Starting in March we would like to hear from users. To do this we propose to give a $50 gift card for the best Zippy photo/video received by May first, as well as,  a $50 gift card for the best Zippy story/anecdote sent to us. If the submissions are significant we will draw names from a hat for the gift cards. There will soon be a new page or two and link for you to follow for your enjoyment. Open to all Zippy owners and users. You can submit your Zippy related story to "" and your photo or video to "". Thanks.

Erica Blackstock Image Zippy Rockers are here! 

Erica created an 'eyeball' image for Zippy, we put some on Zippy Rocker models,  and limited run ready to offer to you.


You can purchase an Erica Zippy, now, here.

Support your artist. Sale proceeds are split 50-50 with the artist. Get your touch of Erica now.

"We are looking out for you"

"Looking for some relief?"

"Where have you been? Slacking?"

"Over two inches to the right.... ahhhhhh...."


  • Private label and co-branding sales have increased since the first of the year. Our latest large order will see five hundred devices shipping to a casino/hotel/spa near the geographic center of the united states. We can't tell you the customers name, but we can tell you that Zippy is to be included in their spa package program. Spa patrons will receive a Zippy Rocker with custom shell color and the spa logo on the ball when they arrive for their spa service. What a great idea, you say? Yes it is. This is the second spa in 2018 to have purchased for their patrons and marketing and we are anticipating at least one additional large order soon. 

  • Limited run of MIA/POW imprint devices will be ready later in the spring. Zippy devices have been popular with our military friends and we will be contributing a portion of each MIA/POW sale to veterans organizations. Keep watching this space.

  • We brought back the "5 for $40" bundle for the spring. Buy now!

Thanks again to all, ya'll.