Enter the Summer - 2018

Our biggest news of the year shipped out yesterday. The largest, to date, custom order of Zippy Rockers is complete and on the way to the destination. The purchaser wanted to include a golf ball as massage tool in gift bags and they found Zippy. They liked what they saw and the first order is on the way. The custom color shells are pretty amazing. We hope to have some additional shell colors for sale soon.

I have been thinking of the athletes in our family and the country in general, especially the younger set, and am happy to watch them compete in their chosen sports. So far, Zippy acknowledges several swimmers, divers, softball players, endurance runners, and gymnasts in the crowd with thanks for the family commitment to support each one on their quest to excellence. Cousin Lily, we are thinking of you daily as you press forward to more international competition. We consider how your parents and sisters are the matrix on which you can rely as you push to the quiet mind and focused effort to be in the dive, each time. There isn't enough praise for the parents and family of Zeddiez athletes. Training regimens, road trips for competition, food, gas, time and abundant good nature tax and pressure the best families. For Zeddiez family athletes of all ages and skills, to all athletes in all sports, we send Best Regards.

Please send Zippy related stories to us. Zippy is six years old and we could use some fresh tales. Help us out, get rewarded.  storyboard@zippyrbt.com

Please send Zippy related photos to us. Zippy is six years old and we could use some fresh photos. Help us out, get rewarded. photoboard@zippyrbt.com

A blast from the past. Four years ago we had a promotion on the Massage Magazine group inLinkedin. We sent out 26-30 Zippy devices to LMTs across the usa for evaluation. Our initial followup survey brought us great news and our response back to the group follows: 

Zippy RBT Zing Partners LLC Our Zippy Massage Magazine discussion group Challenge is bringing great responses. 90% of respondents to the initial evaluation survey tell us they will recommend the Zippy RBT device to clients, friends, and family. We asked: "Did the Zippy RBT massage device meet your expectations?..." One of the responses, that represents the majority response to this question: "I loved the Zippy especially for self massage as I was able to get good pressure on my neck muscles which is normally hard to do. Also I have been renovating a new office and came home with a lot of bicep and forearm pain. The Zippy was perfect for reaching those areas which again is hard for me to do with just my hands and fingers. I found that i was able to get consistent pressure in running down the muscle during the massage. Clients have seemed to enjoy it."
Thank you to the twenty-six evaluation challenge participants. Love to all.

Best Regards to all ya'll.

Don't forget 5 for $40