Zippy Helping Future Athletes

Hello All and Greetings from the road:

Below is a picture of 50 Zippy Roller Balls ready to make their way to Singapore. They will be traveling through Seoul South Korea, Wuhan and Beijing China, and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on their way to Singapore. Once there they will be donated to a group of young Girls from throughout Asia that are representing their countries at a combined tennis clinic and tournament.

I am working at the Tennis World Championships that bring the top 8 singles players and top 8 doubles teams together in what has proven to be an amazing tournament. Every match is like a Grand Slam final!!  As part of the festivities of the championships there is a program designed to promote tennis to young women throughout Asia. Girls are selected from all over Asia and come together in Singapore. They get clinic time with former tennis stars and champions.  They get time with a WTA Physio and go through warm ups and discuss match prep options. In between they learn leadership and sportsmanship skills. Finally I get the opportunity to meet with them to discuss self care and massage.

This year, thanks to Stevie and Jim, I get to distribute a Zippy tool to each girl and show them how to incorporate it into their personal self care as well as talk with them about the role of massage therapy in their career. These girls may indeed be the future of professional tennis.

I feel very honored at the opportunities the massage profession has afforded me. Travel is one, working with some wonderful elite athletes, and an exceptional team of Physios and other MTs are some. As well having the opportunity to occasionally do something to help out todays youth in such a positive environment becomes icing on the cake!

We take off for Asia soon so keep an eye out as Zippy follows the flight path from Asheville, NC to Wuhan, China on this first leg of the trip.

 Lee Stang

Board Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist.