2018 - Youth sports and Zippy

zippy loves WTA youth tennis - WTA - Women's Tennis Association - Singapore tournament 2018.

Zippy has provided T-Handle golf ball massage Devices for Players in the 2018 WTA Future Stars tournament.

Stevie and I were approached by a massage therapist and long time Zippy owner currently traveling with Women's Tennis Association. The therapist uses the Zippy with players and for self care and has continuously used the device since getting the first Zippy in 2014 at the AMTA Convention.

We were asked to provide Zippy T-Handle golf ball massage devices for the upcoming 2018 WTA Future Stars Tournament, October 21-28, 2018 in Singapore. The requested devices were quickly shipped and are now in the hands of the WTA. Hopefully we might see some #ilovemyzippy / Zippy love during or following the “Future Stars” tournament:  #wtafuturestars #wtafuturestars2018 @wtafinalssg

There is certain satisfaction in knowing we provided the finest product in the world in this category. Over the last six years we have seen it work for ourselves, friends, family, and our faithful, happy customers. The trust in asking us to give Zippy to these youthful athletes, speaks volumes to us. Thank you WTA for this opportunity.

We look forward to getting some photos for the Where in the World page.

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