Zippy is easy to use. The rotating dimpled ball smoothly rolls over your skin and most fabrics with minimal pressure needed. The ball gently relaxes and sooths surface and underlying muscle and soft tissue using a combination of static and dynamic movement and pressure. Varying the energy or pressure applied during static and dynamic movement is natural for us. We do it automatically, so Zippy responds instantly. The curvature of the ball both distributes forces evenly over the contact area with the body while precise positioning of the device insures pinpoint application of effort, be it gentle or more aggressive deep tissue/facia release pressure. 

The initial usage instructions are:  Roll it over the area needing treatment. Spend up to one or two minutes on a spot to start. 

Vary speed and pressure as needed to gently massage the body part. During this process you will move blood through muscle, lymph fluid through soft tissue, improving circulation leading to release of muscle tension, relax 'knots,' and bring comfort. Treats strain or injury with care and precision.

Zippy Tip #1!   Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Roll with Us!

We massage to relax and soothe.

Basic fingertip massage is one heritage of opposable thumbs.

Who hasn't grabbed an injured body part with one or both hands to apply pressure and relieve pain? The simple act of rubbing the area around an injury makes it feel better, improves circulation, and provides a release of endorphins which impart a sense of well being and a more relaxed state. 

Golf ball massage of a sort has been used for decades to treat plantar fasciitis, foot pain, and  improve circulation to the extremeties. We put a "handle" on the ball so it can be used with good effect anywhere, any time, as needed. 

Can Zippy be cleaned and/or sanitized?

  • A) safe to wash with soap and water.

  • B) Dishwasher safe

  • C) Safe to use with sanitizers


General Suggestions

Buddy massage and chair massage can be incredible with the Zippy RBT. Take a few minutes to relax your friend, spouse, family member. Show them the love! 

Use a combination of rolling ball therapy to warm and soften tissue, followed by use of the contact points on the band of the shell, or handle if so equipped, to apply controlled static pressure with the top of the handle (to soothe the ache, or bruise, or strain); or use a handle end to gently pinpoint stress points and release tension (pressure point release). Gentle response to ache or injury can mean the right treatment at the right time, wherever you might be. Roll with us!


Zippy RBT devices are effective for warm-up prior to training or competition. Combined with joint mobility exercises and the "usual" warm-up processes, Zippy RBT devices can assist in releasing pressure points, move moisture (circulation) through muscles to flush out toxins and cellular debris, warm and loosen facia, IT Band, hamstrings, and sore muscles.

During competition Zippy RBT devices are effective in treating muscle cramp, sprain/strain, and providing muscle activation and range of motion assistance.

After strenuous exercise and competition, use your Zippy RBT for recovery and to treat yourself to relaxed muscles before you see the trainer, PT, or therapist, who may also be using a Zippy in their treatment modality.