By putting a sturdy cage around the ball, and adding additional gripping surfaces, or handles, to the basic cage to expand the instant usefulness, Zippy precisely positions the golf ball as a potent massage tool for nearly everone. By using the softest, strongest material available for injection molding (polypropylene) the Zippy shell is easy to grip when wet and washable in soap and water or dishwasher. The ball is permanently locked in the shell for years of free rolling action anywhere. 

Physicians and therapists have recommended their clients to include a golf ball in their personal therapy for decades. The humble golf ball is not only a great tool, it's perfect for increasing circulation and relaxing tension. Physicians and therapists have been right the entire time. The single down side to using a golf ball centers on holding the ball during use.


Zippy presents the utility of the golf ball as a massage device in a durable, compact, portable device. It's a good thing in a small package. 

Be well! Enjoy Life!

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