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Zippy Basic


It was almost an arcane secret that the golf ball is a world class massage device. No longer!

  • The ball is permanently housed in a durable shell to permit easy use and free rotation in all directions, 
  •  The Zippy shell puts a "handle" on the ball. You are rewarded with full control with minimal effort and maximum grip opportunities.
  • Zippy rolls easily on skin and many fabrics without lubrication. The 360 degree rotation works under light massage or heavy therapeutic use.
  • Zippy can be washed with soap and water, and sanitized with alcohol based products, .

Compact. Light weight. Rugged. Durable. Fun. Effective. It's easy!

Rolling Ball Therapy with Zippy RBT precision is massage genius.

Take it anywhere in pocket, purse, bag, glove box, gear bag.

Use it any time as needed.

Zippy Rocker Handle


For additional functionality a handle fashioned with a compound curve provided a new set of tools for the user. The Rocker handle takes the basic utility of the Basic model and provides additional low stress hand positions and improved grip opportunities before you get to the beauty of the "toolset".

Once you Invert the device and hold the ball side of the device as the handle, and array of useful planes, edges, knobs, and circular cross sections for working deep through fascia and muscle to improve circulation where needed. The rocker shape is also very effective for treating fingers,  hands with light touch.

Rock On!

The Rocker is currently the #1 selling Zippy model.

Zippy T-Handle


The T-Handle was created to accommodate smaller hand sizes and to presents a different wrist angle when using the ball. The flat blade provides a suitable platform for for scraping, gua sha, pushing, and static pressure. The edges and tips are excellent for working to and in muscle bundles and around fascia and dense connective tissue.


Zippy logo and title page photo of Zippy T-Handle credited to Dave Woodruff. Woot! Woot!
— Jimmy Zing