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Zippy Basic


You can handle it.

Your Basic Golf Ball With a handle.

Created to treat my own plantar fasciitis. Being able to hold a golf ball while the ball is rolling is epic!!!


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Zippy Rocker Handle


Rocker On!

Hello, IT Band, meet my little friend...

The awesome Zippy Basic gets an assist with a handle that easily doubles as an additional therapy surface.


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Zippy T-Handle


Blade roller!

Gets right to the point. In no time flat.

The T-Handle makes sense for smaller hand sizes, scraping modalities, and integrated blade for muscle bundle and fascia work.


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Zippy is proudly made in Phoenix, AZ, USA!

Zippy Supports Youth Sports and honors Team USA!

Zippy logo and title page photo of Zippy T-Handle credited to Dave Woodruff. Woot! Woot!
— Jimmy Zing