Casa de Zippy 5/3/2015

We've had the privilege of shipping our first order of Zippy's toWestern Australia. (Check out the banner link.) This follows orders from the Netherlands and Scotland. We be rolling.

I was standing in line after the race for free sun screen at the Diamondbacks 5K for Cancer, (it was a long line, Phoenix, bright sun, full size cans of product...), working on a couple of old guy aches and pains spots that needed attention, when the next person behind me in line asked me what I was using. I gave her, and the next girl, who also seemed interested in my answer, a look at the Rocker model I was using, showed the internet address imprint on the ball, and left out the part about being the inventer. I gave her one of the wrist bands I was wearing which has the web address imprint so she wouldn't forget. It was fun, and gave me a good feeling. 

Life is good. Love to all.