The summer 0f 2017

We have had an eventful summer so far and hope all is well with our readers.

We spent a few weeks on the road and are glad to report the arrival of our newest grandchild.  We had a great time with our kids and grandkids in Ohio and North Carolina and a wonderful visit with one of cousins in the Philly area. We attended the high school graduation of one of the grandsons and were pleased to see his committment to his school, to marching band, and to continuing his education. Congratulations Parker.

We spent a few weeks in NC, enjoying the rain and muggy conditions in June and early July as Phoenix was hit by the desert heat. We are happy to report that everything is good from that experience and we may have to consider doing it again. Maybe not as long. And, maybe we will need additonal time in Ohio next time, too. Fun to think about.

Anytime Fitness, Southern Pines, NC

One of our favorite repeated experiences in Southern Pines, NC was the Silver Fit class at Anytime Fitness. The instructors killed it. Their workouts were consistently challenging and fun. We highly recommend checking it out if you are one of oldies in that area.

Phoenix fitness spots

Our home fitness group is ActiveRX in Scottsdale. We get 45 mins three times a week with a combination of stretches and mat work combined with free weights and machines. Our secondary fitness group is the Silver Fit class at Anytime Fitness on Tuesdays. Working out together with Stevie is great. Our time together in the gym is fun and we challenge ourselves.

For me, I need to keep fit enough to continue to enjoy the challenge of the weekly soccer game. Stevie is a driving factor with my health interest and the best partner ever. Sports and fitness and Zippy go together so well. I am glad I invented it. If only so I can have a lifetime supply. Lol!

Continuing Story - Divers and swimmers edition

This spring our cousin, Lily Witte, was chosen for the USA National Diving Team. Then, Lily broke a toe the same day one of her diving mates broke her foot. Lily continued to train and prepare and be ready. She was ready for the 2017 USA Nationals Diving competition became the 2017 USA Girls 12-13 one meter Champion. Hearty congratulations go out for the one meter win. Lily will also be competing on the three meter and platform this week. Go Lily!


Zippy and Jimmy Zing had a birthday in August. The first Zippy devices shipped in August 2012 and we are finishing the fifth year of distribution. It would be great to say that we have reached a market saturation point at some level, but we are still about 40-50 million sales short of that goal. Happy birthday, Zippy! Hope your sixth year is a blockbuster.

Thanks to all our friends and family for their support and for continuing to use your Zippy!!

Jimmy Zing and Stevie Zing

Zing Partners, LLC